triage live art collective (AU)

Strange Passions

11.11.2011,  Berlin (DE) – Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben and Wirtshaus am Ufer

Archived Live Stream:

Interview with Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

Strange Passions Café at WAU (Wirtshaus am Ufer)

Strange Passions Café

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triage live art collective invite you to meet with a stranger in a Strange Passions cafe. Explore what really matters to you in this intense, radical moment offering both intimacy & anonymity. You are invited to express yourself and your passions.
What are you passionate about? Now is the chance to tell, without holding back. You & your fellow stranger will dine together on conversation. The triage staff of Strange Passions will be at your service to provide you with conversation menus; each course a passionate topic to share.

Who do you become when a stranger is listening?

The ʼcontractʼ is to share passionately and listen respectfully.

Full conversational service takes up to 40 minutes.

With the support of the Australia Council for the Arts (AU) and Arts House (AU)

Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy (AU/GR) is the founder and creative director of triage live art collective. She works as a theatre director, performer, live artist and actor trainer. In the last five years Katerina‘s work has shifted from classical theatre to an intense focus on the audience as a participant and collaborator in the live event. Katerina is currently developing a body of work entitled „the stranger series.“ Works in the series include: Once, It’s All About You, Creature Comforts, Strange Passions, Cafe Utopia, and The Infirmary.

Melanie Jame Walsh (AU) is a performance artist, and a founding member of triage. She holds an Honours degree in Performance Studies from Monash University and completed three years of performance training as an actor. She has also trained with in Butoh (Tony Yap Company), Viewpoints & Composition (SITI) & Suzuki (Zen Zen Zo). Melanie Jame first collaborated with triage on two projects, Envy, and The House Project (2009). She performed in Voyeur: Live (2010) and It’s All About You (2010). Melanie Jame has just completed an acclaimed season of her one on one audience work, An Appointment with J Dark.

Thomas Kennedy (AU) is an urban planner, social systems theorist, sculptor, goldsmith, and visual artist, who has worked with triage live art collective as a performer and design consultant. Thomas is currently researching and developing social and communication structures to enable communities to work collaboratively with planners and artists to design environments and cultural policies that enhance the quality and potential of a community’s life. He most recently completed several research projects for Eco-Policy group SGS in Melbourne and triage live art collective.